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February 11, 2018

I Can’t Believe” | Andrew Gordon & Matt Mendell | 5 Count


When I was 17, I picked up the guitar and started writing songs.  I loved playing covers of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, The Beatles, and anything else I could manage to figure out that I was into.  Self-taught, and on an acoustic, so the callouses on the fingers were earned.  I found the ability to express myself through music was so powerful.  At the time, it was really just to work through my own confusion.  It wasn't meant as something to be put out, but something that was therapy and felt good.  Eventually, I linked up with my friend, Matt Mendell who turned out to be a genius.  We used to jam out in his basement of the house he rented, and I'd be so happy to plug in my electric guitar, sing on a live mic, and have him jam the sh*t out of his electric drums.  We just had fun, but that turned into deciding to record some of our stuff.  I really just liked the guitar so that I could write songs.  I never aspired to me more than a 3 chord wonder.  So, at the time, in 1998-99ish when I was 19, we recorded a demo.  Our band name was 5 Count.  It was during the whole Third Eye Blind, Sum 41, Matchbox 20 phase, so I think that had something to do with it.  Matt made it up, but I am not sure if it means anything.  Knowing him, it probably has a way deeper meaning, and he still has never told me!  We went to record at DARE Studios on Long Island, and paid $750 per song.  For real, and we had to nail it on basically the first or second take for each instrument and vocal.  We tracked out everything ourselves, and I wrote the lyrics, sang, and played the rhythm guitar.  Matt did his thing on the drums, which made my chord progressions come to life, because of the complexity matched up with the simplicity.  It is crazy because you really had to be able to play, and sing at that time.  The software I have in front of me right now didn't exist then.  Matt stepped up and added lead guitar riffs, bass, keys, and some backing vocals.  I recently connected with him and asked if he still had the music.  I have probably moved over 25 times since we recorded that, and have lost so many things in the course of all of those moves.  Today, he sent me the files, and I re-mastered them simply to make the details of his drumming pop.  Everything else with the originals were fine, but we always wanted his drums to be heard more in detail.  This song, "I Can't Believe", like all of the songs on this demo-came out of nowhere.  I came up with meolodies on the guitar, and just wrote down lyrics that came to me.  There really was no girl this song is about.  It's just the way the words came to me in the flow of the music.  Love your feedback, reviews, and spreading the content.

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