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February 11, 2018

Audiobook | A Living Testament by Andrew Gordon | Introduction


There is no reason why my life is more important than anyone else's.  I do feel a need to share it, and think there's a lot of stories to tell.  I am 41, and feel like I've lived 10 lives already.  I am trying to organize this audiobook into chronological order.  Honestly, I've written the book in pieces shot like a film.  They are all out of order and I wrote them as they came to me.  I did manage to put them in sequence, and this is the  introduction to the book.  I hope to inspire, connect, and sometimes make you laugh, others make you cry.  I know-and when I say this I am serious-that I should be dead or in jail.  For some reason, I was saved from those situations, which brings me to today.  Why was I rescued from those fates?  I can only summize that it is to share my story.  Thank you for listening.


In Memory of Adam "Ashley" Klein 


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