Karina is an Architect from Moscow who moved to NYC after finishing her master to follow her dream. In nyc she discovered her passion for yoga and meditative practices. She got her yoga teacher certificate to teach Hatha and Yin Yoga from the oldies yoga school in Manhattan.
Karina was initially inspired by the precision, depth, and adaptability of the Integral method. It changed her on every level, which was both humbling and exciting.

As a teacher, Karina considers herself a student first. She believes in long-­term commitments and deep study. Her career in architecture influences her practice. "Architecture has helped me to understand Yoga. Developing  an asana is like designing a building. You need a strong foundation and the right form to achieve the harmony of body, breath, and mind working together in balance, as in a successful building.

This is an architecture of Yoga poses," she says. She has a strong interest in anatomy, body alignment, Ayurveda, and poetry.



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