My name is Alexandra Rutkay, and I currently live in NYC with my husband David. I've been here for 15 years and originally moved here from Savannah where I attended the Savannah college of art and design. I spent 12 years of my Childhood and young adult years in the suburbs of Massachusetts where I attended elementary through high school and  also spent many of my summers in NYC with my grandmother. 


I originally moved to NYC in 2004 because I decided that I wanted to become a celebrity makeup artist and work on big productions in the entertainment industry. 15 years later I live that exact dream and work on all of the biggest productions that film in this amazing city!


Constantly being surrounded by amazing artists activists, entrepreneurs, and actors can rub off on you. I have always liked to have a few creative endeavors happening at the same time because I'm a little ADD and I find that it keeps my energy fresh. So that creative drive caused me to launch my very first product based business, Arch Tags in 2011 to a great deal of press and lots of sales and the entrepreneurial bug officially bit me. I knew I didn't want to stop with just one product and really craved the idea of creating something -  a brand - that could have a lasting positive impact on everyone that came across it. 


Karma mob was officially born in 2015 with a goal to connect. Messages on a shirt have such a lasting impact on our psyche and of those we encounter. It's a pretty cool mission to try to fill the world with positive imagery and words! 

 We want to show that being kind is cool and so is working out and meditating and living well and being aligned. The fact that we're made in New York brings an element of realness and a type of transparency to the line and the vibe and I love the people that love this brand. People really connect with the messages we share. We definitely attract a lot of yogis because the philosophy aligns but we have a real

mix of customers and brand fans. I think this vibe is the future- we're basically bringing an element of spirituality to the street in a real, approachable, and lighthearted way. I'm in about ten retailers so far and can't wait to see where this goes!


On a side note- I also lost my mother in 2013 - to cancer.  Like your experience it was a deeply transformational one for me and really changed my entire perspective on the value of time and making the most of it. Partly why I've been able to pursue both my makeup career and my business fully because I understand how precious time really is and I intend to use it well. 

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